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How can we make red our lips and soft?

using lipsticks will affect ur lips in d opp. way so dont use them lip balm n using Vaseline in d nite time b4 going to sleep will make ur lips soft n shiny so if u want natural redding n softness dont go 4 artificial things.......How can we make red our lips and soft?
use a babies toothbrush to remove any dry skin rather than peeling it off or biting, then apply the menthal lipgloss which you can get at bathandbodyworks.comHow can we make red our lips and soft?
use lip balm or lips gloss
Lip treatments are discussed in the source below.
use lipgloss or lip stick
carmex or blistex

How to get softer lips?

I've tried almost all lip blams and lip moisturizers, but I'm not getting resluts I want. I don't want bigger and fuller lips, I want softer and smoother lips. And I've tried that ';miracle'; stuff called ';Go Smile'; but that stuff works like poo! Please help...I have a big date next Sat.!How to get softer lips?
I promise this will work. Place Vaseline of your lips. Start brushing your lips with your toothbrush. Make sure you get the corners of your mouth and the rough spots on your lips. Continue to add more Vaseline. Rub your lips together to check how smooth they've become. You will notice a difference immediately.How to get softer lips?
put on vasaline of pertrolium jelly every night and pow softer lips and during the day
try exfoliating your lips first with a baby toothbrush or washcloth. mix sugar with extra virgin olive oil and rub it on your lips. and remember to do this 1 a week or more depending on how dry your lips can get and if u live in a dry climate or cold one.then apply chapstick or petroleum jelly.
lip chap 3x a day. it worked for me.
Try to use a chapstick like softlips. It helps me.
Wat i do first is stand over a pot of boiling water for about five minutes until my lips feel dewy then i use a toothbrush and brush them, then i use a chap stick called natural it is in a light tan tube and has natural ingredients. Sometimes i also use vase line after i brush them and when i go to bed at night, and if u use lip gloss use one that has vitamins or at least moisturize Neutrogena has some and they come in colors but don't give u a lot of color just the right amount of color and shine. Drinking water daily also helps them to be hydrated.
all u have to do is go to Avon and get the strawberry chap stick it works like magic my lips r smooth ever since I've started using that well hope u find something that works
I am constantly getting chapped lips. I highly recommend a chap stick called Soft Lips. You can find it in with the other chap sticks and balms in the pharmacy section. It comes in a skinny small tube.
Even regular old Chapstick brand works well. If you want to maintain results than you have to keep swiping it on. You cant expect silky smooth lips if you put it on whenever your lips get dry and cracked. Trust me I know, I am a lipstick/ lip balm junkie..

Some good brands -

1. Smith's -Rosebud Salve -- 5$ (works great, thick and tin lasts forever)

2. True Blue Spa -Watch Your Mouth lip balm(found at Bath and Body Works)- 5$ (SPF 45!)

3. Fresh - Sugar lip balm- 20+$ (found at Sephora, exfoliates and deeply moisturizes all in one!)

4. Chapstick -Cherry $1 (a classic, works great)
mix sugar and water or olive oil and apply about 3x daily
I use Vaseline.

Are ur lips soft & sensuous or cold & callous .. unrelenting?

Fly down here and you'll see!Are ur lips soft %26amp; sensuous or cold %26amp; callous .. unrelenting?
soft n sensous ahah :pAre ur lips soft %26amp; sensuous or cold %26amp; callous .. unrelenting?
soft,sensuous and cold :)
Both sets are warm,soft, and sensuous.
Soft and cold
Very soft. I use lots of chap-stick.

Good question by the way
My current ID name says it all baby, LOLOLOLOL.

little dry right now :(
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  • What kind of chapstick makes your lips the softest?

    Im using this Blistex Spa Treatment stuff right now, and I have to keep reapplying it over and over.

    I guess the cold is making my lips dry, but usually chapstick in general kind of drys out my lips anyway.

    What kind of chapstick do you think would make my lips the softest?What kind of chapstick makes your lips the softest?
    if you can find it, ';sea and ski ';brand ,lip saver. it's the best., goes on easily and lasts. look for a product with lanolin.. really keeps the lips moist and soft. it used to come in a great mint flavor. the old standby, vaseline is ok, but it has a drawback. it can keep any bacteria and viruses in contact with your lip tissues. if your lips are cracked at all, you could end up getting an infection or cold sores. you may also try anbesol ointment to help your lips heal. it will also help your lips retain moisture and softness. if your cuticals get dry and sore, lip saver works well. also corn huskers lotion, rubbed in well.What kind of chapstick makes your lips the softest?
    I agree with the person above, Vaseline is a very good skin treatment formula. I usually use it before I go to bed as it make my lips REALLY soft when I wake up! In the day %26amp; evening I prefer chapsticks that give my lips a tint so I use Nivea lipbalms with pink tints, their really pretty and they make my lips feel soft and plump. Try to avoid a very sticky or cheap barnd as they never really work if your looking for long term effects! Hope this helped :)
    I have two favorites that I use often. Vaseline or Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. You can get both at Wal*Mart. I put it on each night before I go to sleep to help prevent my lips from becoming chapped. When I wake up, they are soft and supple. The mint in the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is very nice and cools your lips too.
    There is actually one called Soft Lips, and it totally lives up to it's name. it gives your lips a tingly minty feel, too. It's great.
    Burt's Bee's products are excellent. The product is a lip balm. It comes in clear honey or many different colors. It is available at health food stores or cheaper at Walgreens.

    softlips is a miralcle-they sell them in pretty much all drugstores.there r many flavors to choose from. : )
    just plain Vasline

    I need a chap stick that will make my lips soft permanently what can i use that won't stop being soft after.?

    i am African AmericanI need a chap stick that will make my lips soft permanently what can i use that won't stop being soft after.?
    Hello. Well I use aloe vera vaseline whick is great. But I guess you just need to try lots of different ones, as the outcome will be different for everyone. Good luck xI need a chap stick that will make my lips soft permanently what can i use that won't stop being soft after.?
    you should try Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. it is great and now it comes in a mint flavor. i had the worst painful chapped lips and it cleared them up in a day. now i use it all the time to keep my lips soft and prevent chapping :) TRY IT !
    For the ultimate hydrating lip balm use Rosebud Salve from Sephora. Its a staple of mine.

    How do i make my lips softer?

    i put on vaseline and lip balm and i drink water all the time so idk what to do? sooo how do i make them softer, keep them softer and keep them from crackin thx alot!!! =DHow do i make my lips softer?
    i tried this once, and it seemed to work pretty well:

    take any kind of basic chapstick, and slather it on

    then you take some *wait for it* plain white sugar and sprinkle some onto your lips too

    and rub them together

    and rinse

    ta-daa! soft lips! give it a tryHow do i make my lips softer?
    Wet your toothbrush and rub it all over your lips for one minute. Dry your lips, then apply a lip balm made from natural ingredients, like Burt's Bees. Do this as often as you like.

    Make sure you drink water often, but don't just chug it. If you drink water too fast, it just moves straight through your system and your body doesn't absorb the water. Instead, take a few sips every ten minutes or so.

    Don't use things like vaseline or regular lip balm. Those are synthetic and don't add moisture to your lips, they just create an outer layer that blocks anything from coming in or going out of your skin.
    I use Blistex ';Fusion'; cherry. I put it on before adding gloss or lipstick and when I'm done adding I put some on the top layer.It also gives it a shiny look and if you go with a middle color gloss it can look natural but have to press your lips on a paper towel to get some of the extra gloss off. Take it with you to start the softening process.My BF says I kiss really good because my lips are soft.

    Jessica S.
    The suggestions of using a wet toothbrush (gently!) on your lips is a good one, but additionally you should use a chap stick other than Vaseline. The best chap stick I have found is Burt's Bees, just the regular kind, not the honey, or clove oil, or pomegranate or whatever else. Nothing else has worked for me like Burt's Bees.鈥?/a>
    You can use Blistex chapstick! :D It really works. Just use them occasionally, like every 50 minutes or something.

    Don't lick your lips. That'll just make them more chapped and dry. You might do it without noticing it, but try to catch yourself and apply some more chapstick.

    Vaseline works pretty well. I use it.


    That's what I do :S Hope this helps...
    Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm! it works like a charm. it heals your lips and soothes them. seriously its great just use it all the time and you should be fine. also try not to put lip gloss on b/c itll dry em out.good luck:)it's 3 bucks at any drug store like cvs or target.

    *rocky mountain soap company get thier lip butter

    *Bath and Body works get thier lip buffer鈥?/a>

    check out this website for a home remody :)

    hope this helps!!! :) i use both products and love them !!!
    The BEST lip balm in the whole world is Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment. It is expensive for a lip balm but it is absolutely amazing at healing cracked lips.
    maybe if u kiss me they'd get softer no im jk

    they should be REALLY soft if you do all that

    answer mine?;_ylt=ArPybkd.nvsG85TJQieNOVfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090708225205AAesWYS
    You can try and exfoliate them, take a new toothbrush (only use it for your lips), put vaseline on the toothbrush and kind of brush away the dead skin.鈥?/a> Videos#v27464741001

    Try this video.
    rub them with your toothbrush. It's like exfoliating your lips. After that put on some chapstick or vaseline.
    Wet your lips, get a soft tooth brush, and scrub it GENTLY. And then continue applying lip balm and ect.

    Good Luck :]
    simply use chapstick every hour and they will be super smooth.
    when u go out in the sun put sunscreen on them n ive found that neosporin lip treatment works very well for keeping my lips soft
    try foundation
    i would say chap stick would work but if your in the sun alot, that can make them worse
    don't wear too much lip stick or lip gloss..

    chap stick %26amp; vaseline are best!

    eat healthy too :D
    which ones

    How do you make your lips softer?

    i want my lips to be softer and i wants to reduce the lines in them. any advice?How do you make your lips softer?
    Try meat tenderizer works great on pork chops.How do you make your lips softer?
    Use a lip conditioner if you aren't suffering from chapped lips and would just like a smoother and softer feeling and looking lip. It's just a white stick in a lipstick type container. You can find lip conditioners at like any pharmacy. I personally think lip conditioners work better to soften lips compared to chap stick. Lip conditioner also goes on very smoothly and you can feel the difference almost immediately after application.

    Hope this helps!
    before you go to sleep at night apply a layer of vaseline or cocoa butter on your lips. then in the morning when you are brushing your teeth lightly rub the toothbrush across your lips to remove the dead skin. This will make all the difference in how your lips look and feel. what you do is you lather your lips in vaseline and let that sit about a minute. after it has sat, you take a toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth and you brush away the vaseline in cirular motions. it works really well!!!
    try vasiline before going out and sleeping daily. also saffron mixed with drops of water applied daily helps reducing the lines.
    you can use softlips

    its like chapstick but comes in tasty flavors. i get mine at walmart or target.

    for extra ';smooth-ness'; take a dry toothbrush you dont use anymore and scrub it gently on your lips
    Kiss my face chap stick:

    its all natural and is super soft on your lips

    answer mine:鈥?/a>
    use an exfoliate first to soften your lips and give them a more even look. then moisturize with Vaseline or chapstick(:
    use a chapstick called soft lips.

    it works really well.:)
    Soak them in hot water and then apply chapstick directly after!
    use chapstick or something!!!!!!!!!!!
    use blistex!! it feels so nice on your lips and it makes them smooth and soft!
    go to sephora and get Candy Paint $13
    chap stick
    try Mary Kay Satin Lips

    i use it and my lips are so soft

    hope i helped

    %26amp;much %26lt;3
    skin moles