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How can you make your lips softer?

My lips are like always chapped and rough like. I use vaseline and chapstick but it only makes my lips not chapped but they arent softer. Could I use a lip mask or something? Or like that Sally Hasen lip exfoliator and moisturizer? Can you please recommend something to make my lips softer? Thankss a tonn :]How can you make your lips softer?
do not lick them, licking your lips make them dry technically the saliva in your mouth dries them up also it can become habit forming and make them dry and rough....some people use chapstick too much as well, i would try a night time lip treatment or just regular chapstick at night when you aren't talking or licking your lipsHow can you make your lips softer?
Vaseline or Burts Bee's
get suoching with some one who love u some after some time u got good lips as u want that enough for u mi sweet heart
drink more water ur adressin the problem pnly outside u need it to solve it onside out . drink lotssssss of water ur lips is tip of iceberg later many otehr things woudl suffer same problme.
Drink plenty of water. apply lip balm daily.
pound them soundly with a meat hammer...that would work....
I lightly exfoliate my lips with a damp washcloth, then, immediately apply a lip moisturizer like Blistex. Chapstick is more of a protectant, but you should use it as well. Try a lip balm with sunscreen and avoid licking your lips as it will dry them out.
The more chapstick you use the dryer your lips will become. Use chapstick only occassionally. As for softening there are actual lip softeners, check out CVS or Rite Aid
vasaline lip therepy works amazinglyyy!
two word coco butter.
use berts bees or soft lips.personally i like the vanilla soft makes your lips sooo smooth.i love it...and so does my boyfriend lol
At night i put on vicks vaporub on my lips. Sleep with it on, It smells strong but it's great for chapped lips and hands. They'll be 100% softer in the morning.
i used carmex and it worked pretty well. My mom used A%26amp;D ointment and hers arent crusty anymore.
you can use a lip exfoliator, or you can also use lip balm with Shea butter in it. that helped me a bunch. i use one from bath and body works, that carol bigelow stuff, or the mentha lip gloss with Shea love it.
You should some househol rememdy.

I have tried this and it worked well for me an Indian friend told. Apply some unsalted butter before going to bed everynight regulary. If possible mash some fresh rose petals with the butter and try to apply and keep it on your lips as long as possible.

All the best
Sally Hanson lip exfoliator and moisturizer.
Peel ur lips.
live underwater
AVEENO! They have chap sticks that work wonders.
WheneverI feel my lips are that way I use vaseline too but here is the catch.... after you put vaseline on brush then with a tooth brush it works as un exfoliator, it makes them smoother, plumper and softer. :)
drink ALOT of water. dry lips are a sign of dehydration
try vaseline it helps
lip balm ar chapstick
Wsah your lips with soap. Rub them with rubbing alcohol. Then make a mixture of 1 egg, 3 teaspoons of aloe vera plant, a spoon full of advocado then rub it on your lips every night.
Get some vitamin e pills and slice one open and use it on your lips. Or aloe vera the real stuff. Either one of these should help your situation. Also drinks tons of water. Vaseline is mineral based and comes right off too soon to help I have noticed. Burts Bees is also a very good natural product. Hope this helps.
like the other person said, put Vaseline on a toothbrush and lightly brush your lips for a while, don't go too long though because you might scrub too hard. your lips will be really soft soon! good luck! :)
Try bath %26amp; body works lip exfoliator along with a high quality lip balm which you can also get at B%26amp; BW
don't lick your lips (if you do) exfoiliate with a toothbrush daily and use lip balm chapstick or vaseline
Lip exfoliators are really the only way to make your lips smoother and softer. The vaseline/chap stick only moisturizes the already dead skin. Mary Kay has a pretty exfoliator/moisturizer combo.

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