Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lip balm:soft lips?

do you know at which common drug store i can get the soft lips lip balm?

i wanted to know where to find it b/c i wasnt able to find it myselfLip balm:soft lips?
Soft Lips has worked the best for me out of Blistex, Aquafina, Chapstick, Burt Bees, the stuff from Bath and Body Works... They all make my lips gooey and peel... You can get Soft Lips at wal-mart. I like the vanilla kind...Lip balm:soft lips?
I have the same problem. Harmon's always has it and it's inexpensive too!
walgreens has it

at least in iowa
any common drug store. seriously. but honestly, it's not that great. if you're looking for quality definitely go with blistex. it works awesome! burt bees is pretty good too
rite aid







Everywhere! walmart, CVS, Kmart, Rite Aid.
i know my local Albertsons has it
Don't get soft lips, it doesn't work as well as plain ChapStick, and has crappier packaging.
Try shoppers drug mart.
Use Burt's Bees Medicated lip balm! it makes your lips, like the lips of an angel!
I've seen it at Target in the ';drugstore'; section, in mine they sell it by the Blistex.
ive found it at walmart
wal mart always sells blistex lip balm and also sells aquafina (i get the raspberry kind) it works GREAT

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