Saturday, June 26, 2010

How do you make your lips softer?

i want my lips to be softer and i wants to reduce the lines in them. any advice?How do you make your lips softer?
Try meat tenderizer works great on pork chops.How do you make your lips softer?
Use a lip conditioner if you aren't suffering from chapped lips and would just like a smoother and softer feeling and looking lip. It's just a white stick in a lipstick type container. You can find lip conditioners at like any pharmacy. I personally think lip conditioners work better to soften lips compared to chap stick. Lip conditioner also goes on very smoothly and you can feel the difference almost immediately after application.

Hope this helps!
before you go to sleep at night apply a layer of vaseline or cocoa butter on your lips. then in the morning when you are brushing your teeth lightly rub the toothbrush across your lips to remove the dead skin. This will make all the difference in how your lips look and feel. what you do is you lather your lips in vaseline and let that sit about a minute. after it has sat, you take a toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth and you brush away the vaseline in cirular motions. it works really well!!!
try vasiline before going out and sleeping daily. also saffron mixed with drops of water applied daily helps reducing the lines.
you can use softlips

its like chapstick but comes in tasty flavors. i get mine at walmart or target.

for extra ';smooth-ness'; take a dry toothbrush you dont use anymore and scrub it gently on your lips
Kiss my face chap stick:

its all natural and is super soft on your lips

answer mine:鈥?/a>
use an exfoliate first to soften your lips and give them a more even look. then moisturize with Vaseline or chapstick(:
use a chapstick called soft lips.

it works really well.:)
Soak them in hot water and then apply chapstick directly after!
use chapstick or something!!!!!!!!!!!
use blistex!! it feels so nice on your lips and it makes them smooth and soft!
go to sephora and get Candy Paint $13
chap stick
try Mary Kay Satin Lips

i use it and my lips are so soft

hope i helped

%26amp;much %26lt;3

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