Saturday, June 26, 2010

What can i do to make my lips soft?

i already put chapstick on 24/7, but what ELSE can i do????

PLEASE!!!!! thank yuWhat can i do to make my lips soft?
I've tried doing this before and it works;

It's called sugar exfoliation.

First, get some sugar in the palm of your hand.

Next, wet it with a few drops of water until it forms a paste.

With your fingers of your free hand, rub this over your lips 'exfoliating' them.

Lick/Wash off and then you MUST apply lip balm/gloss or your lips will get worse instead of better.

I hope this helps!What can i do to make my lips soft?
to exfoliate your lips, get an old toothbrush and GENTLY brush them with it, with a drop of vaseline on the toothbrush.

i once read in a magazine that if you do that trick with baking soda (put water on the brush and then dip it in baking soda) you get better results, but i've never tried it myself

i once put body butter on my lips and they felt really nice, too :D haha it's random, but they don't feel as sticky as with chapstick and they get really soft
what really work is the Chapstick the peppermint kind..its like blue and it has sparkles in works really good!and what also works is..i think its called beeswax it comes in a yellow stick..after using it once my lips were already soft! that one is the best
I used to think Chapstick was the best, but Carmex is SO much better. Chapstick still left my lips chapped, but Carmex makes them very smooth.
Get a little tin of Vaseline and whenever your lips feel dry put some on- trust me it works like a charm =)
Try aloe vera from the body shop it is really good my iips not only look soft but feel soft told,I have been told
Your lips are skin so they do have to like ';shed'; so i just brush my lips with my toothbrush. It works! (but dont do it too hard)
take Vaseline put some on your lips brush them with a tooth brush for 20 seconds then put chapstick on them.
Try using Blisstex intense damage repair it's amazing
I have had really dry and chapped lips, and Vaseline was what worked for me...
Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush and is the best thing ever....then use your favorite lip balm.

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