Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How do i get really soft lips?

any suggestions or methods? please? i'm currently using carmexHow do i get really soft lips?
I use Carmex as well!

But the best way to get soft lips is to exfoliate them, just like the skin on your face/body.

What I do is mix some honey and sugar together and then rub that on my lips, it makes my lips nice and soft, and helps keep them moisturized at the same time.

Hope it helps you! =)How do i get really soft lips?
keep them hydrated


brush them with lotion and toothbrush softly
Hmm .. What I use is Soft Lips Lip Balm FPS. [ The Ravishing Raspberry kind. ] It smells / tastes really good %26amp; I use it a lot! It actually makes your lips really soft. Plus, its fairly priced.鈥?/a>

I think you should give it a try. Hope I helped! =)
well i have really big lips , and i guess they are soft, i use beauty rush lip gloss you could try that, or use a spf kind it makes ur lips really soft and mostrized
Try not to lick your lips and drink plenty of water
apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly. I do that sometimes even before going to sleep at night. You will find your lips soft the next day. Carmex is good.
put vaseline on a tooth brush and scrub for 30 seconds
This sounds dicky, but get a wet toothbrush and brush your lips, gently ofcourse, (as this gets all the dry skin or whatever is on your lips off), and apply chapstick on afterwards and you should have nive smooth lips!

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