Sunday, December 13, 2009

Any links for getting my lips soft?

i need links for methods to get my lips soft and products. i am allergic to the product soft lips so dont suggest it.Any links for getting my lips soft?
burt bees!

also try blistex reilefe cream its amazing!


put honey on your lips or olive oil (or mix the both is even better!)

drink plenty of water :D hope i heeeelpedAny links for getting my lips soft?
I've used many lips products and realy have felt that any realy work and they certainly don't work right away, until now. I have try Maxolip and i can see the best result. Maxolip is best I have judged.

Maxolip works to Softens lips and promotes healthy natural lip color.

You can try this product so visiting this link :
this may sound a little weird but it works take a tooth brush and brush your lips lightly that will remove all the dead skin off of your lip then rub some chap stick or any lip product i recommend Vaseline

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