Friday, December 4, 2009

I need a chap stick that you can use everyday use, and can leave my lips soft. What do you recommend?

I don't mind if its a girl brand, as long it does the job, and doesn't leave my lips pink or glossy.I need a chap stick that you can use everyday use, and can leave my lips soft. What do you recommend?
Here are some tips for soft lips:鈥?/a>

Try doing the toothbrush thing, and after that putting on some vaseline or clear chapstick. Burt's Bees makes ';lifeguard'; chapstick that is really heavy duty. Or just plain old vaseline will do the trick too.I need a chap stick that you can use everyday use, and can leave my lips soft. What do you recommend?
my personal favorite is just the ';chapstick'; brand classic spearmint. it comes in a green tube and its minty and delicious and leaves my lips really smooth.

i think technically the ';chapstick'; brand chapsticks tell you to discontinue use and see a doctor if the condition doesn't get better after 7 days. but thats just precautionary in case you have some other condition thats making your lips dry. but its perfectly safe to use every day.

i constantly have chapped lips, especially in the winter but not just limited to then. i always try to have a chapstick on me at all times and i've used them every day with only positive effects.
Any cheap chapstick will do. Usually the waxier the better. Avoid any with menthol added such as Carmax or certain brands that may say ';intensive care';. While taking a medicine that made my skin dry, my doctor told me about avoiding chapsticks or glosses containing menthol because menthol thins the layers of skin on your lips (thus making your lips worse later). If you use a glossy chapstick like ';Softlips';, your lips might look kind of shiny and girl-like so you might want to avoid that. Burt's bees was a good suggestion but I think the better one was made by ';ilovees2laugh'; because I use the same kind currently and have tried many. What's good about ChapStick庐 in the blue container is that it is not only extra moisturizing but doesn't have a girly sheen to it and it also protects your lips from the sun with it's added ingredient of sunscreen. So.... which chap stick are you going to look for? Go for the BLUE! ; ) lol!


Sorry, meant ';Carmex'; earlier, not ';Carmax';, ;p
i use chapstick the moistorizing one. its the blue one. i like it cuz it keeps my lips from getting dry but doesnt have the shimmer.
I really recommend that you use Classic chap stick (I swear, That's its name!) I gave a tube to my friend, and it even helped her cold sore! Ot makes your lips so nice and soft and tastes good!
Soft lips looks and smells a little girly, but it goes on clear and leaves your lips really soft.
';chapstick'; cheap and work every time!
Nivea chapstick is really nice
i use lipsmackers watermelon.

im not sure if its the fact that its been in the washing machine 3 times

but ok.
Burts Bees is the best!

I see a lot of guys using it and it is colorless:)
blistex chapstick make one specially for boyz
Burt's Bees chap stick
Soft lips leaves your lips... well soft! it smell pretty good, too. And is clear!
umm carmacks or ummm chapstick

think a little
burts bees.
I 5th burts bees!
burts bees works good

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