Friday, December 4, 2009

How do i make my lips soft?

Well im a guy, and i was wondering how to make my lips look nicer and feel softer? I wear chapstick everyday, but what else can i do?How do i make my lips soft?
vaselineHow do i make my lips soft?
I know this sounds weird, but take a soft-bristled toothbrush and use it gently scrub your lips with Vaseline. Trust me, it works!
Drinking lots of water and yeah, vaseline.
Use another brand of chapstick because chapstick works really well. Also, vaseline is another good way and it works really well. Brush your lips gently when you brush your teeth with water or with toothpaste and make sure you drink water at least 3 times a week minimum.
Chapstick is the best thing. Also when you're brushing your teeth, gently brush over your lips, so that it takes of the dead skin. I guarantee you, it works 100%. If your chapstick doesnt work, try getting a new stronger one. Goodluck.
ok not only should you just put chapstick on them, but you should use vaseline on them or lotion or both! trust me this works! good luck with your lips!
The thing that I use that helps is called a satin lips treatment. It has 2 steps..the first step is an exfoliation cream and then the second step is the lip balm. Let me tell works AWESOME in the winter time!
Theres this stuff called Carmex. It comes in a yellow tube with a red top. It is essentially chapstick but ti works MUCH better. In fact I had clinically dry lips and I just apply Carmex once a day and it works like magic. If you keep it in your pocket it gets warm and flows easily and even gives the lips a shiney apperance. (Not gay shiney but you get it). And unlike chapstick it comes out of a tube with an easy on applicator that fits and moves along with your lips. Not that wierd shape of chapstick. Try it! It works well and its not like you can carry a tub of vaseline around with you!!!
Vaseline is bleached petroleum developed from the sludge that forms on the sides of the oil pipe on oil rigs. That's kinda gross to put on your mouth.

Other creams contain phthalates, known carcingens and endocrine disruptors.

Try the safe, natural way to get soft lips:

Solid oils such as coconut, palm kernal or shea butter work best. Just rub some of the plain oil on your lips.

Liquid oils, such as olive, sunflower and jojoba are great also.

Petro-chemical free and cheap.

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