Friday, December 11, 2009

How can I get soft, supple lips...Please Read On...?

My lips are usually always flaky and tough (only my bottom lip though, my top lip is soft). This really starts to come in affect when I apply lip-stick or lip gloss. It just ends up looking ugly and not smooth. I've tried using pertorleum jelly and lip balm, but then my lips return to being flaky and stuff. How can I get lips that are soft and smooth?

Thank you so much!How can I get soft, supple lips...Please Read On...?
chapstick and drink a lot of waterHow can I get soft, supple lips...Please Read On...?
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you should use alot of chap stick.
drink lots of water and gently exfoliate it with help a lot
exfoliate them and the falky stuff will come off.

you have to mix a little bit of honey with a little bit of sugar. rub it onto your lower lip, going in circles. in the end, just wipe, [or lick ;) ] the sugar and honey off...

and remember that before you apply lipgloss or lipstick, you should put on chapstick, lip balm, or vaseline
Before applying lipstick or lipgloss apply chapstick underneath.
its because you lack water. drink 4 glasses of water and youll have good lips. also apply vaseline 3 times a day
All you need to do is wash your lips with Dove Soap.Then go to a Avon store and get this stuff called Mary Kay Lip Moisturizer.Make sure you put it on every single day.Also drink plenty of water.Water is very very good for your skin.So I advise you to follow my advice and do what I said.I GUARANTEE that your top lip will be soft like a New Born baby.Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
most likely its to do with your diet... what you eat i mean !!

make sure you get lots of water and eat a balanced diet...

stay clear of fags and booze.... that will help...

YOU are what you EAT...

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