Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does burts bee's make your lips really soft?

I just want to know

im buying later today.

the honey kind.

Any good?Does burts bee's make your lips really soft?
it's okay, but its really hard.

all of the lip glosses by burts bee's are for some odd reason.

I really like Nivea's Lipbalm, in the blue package. You can get 2 for $3 and it feels like silk on your lips. I usually take a bit of lipstick, whatever suits you best, and just dab on a bit to give you some colour, then put the nivea on for moisture. Don't waste your money, nivea's better and way cheaper!

Hope I helped!Does burts bee's make your lips really soft?
i love all burts bees products especially the milk and honey lotion. but i didn't find their lip balm that great, unless you have uber chapped absolute fave is the body shop strawberry lip balm, i have been using it since eighth grade, i'm thirty now and its still my fave, hope this helps! :)
all i have to say is---- OMG I LUVV IT AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! hahaha

i found it

and it worked real good

my bf said that after kissing me with, ';whatever you have on'; quote from my boyfriend, it feels like im kissing your neck! omg it was so hott! lol
i've tried it and

to be honest i didn't

really think it was the


i like gap + the body shop

lip balms.

yes insanely..

i got some once

and then i lost it

it was sad

i want to get more now..

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