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How do I keep my lips soft?

Everyday my lips keep getting all dry and cracked and it's all year round and I've tried putting on chapstck everyday but it gets in the cracks and really burns.. any advice on how to keep my lips soft and smooth?How do I keep my lips soft?
Once a week place a liberal amount of vaseline or lip balm on your lips and gently scrub them with a soft toothbrush to get rid of dry cracked old skin cells, this keeps them smooth, and use an intensive lip balm/cream like blistex relief cream, it relieves pain, really smoothes lips and has a nice tingly sensation that lets you know it works, you can find it in most pharmacies. I swear by it!How do I keep my lips soft?
A small dab of vaseline works great.
You should start to drink more water, about 4-6 glasses per day is a good amount with chapstick too. One reason it burns is because you are probably licking it too much and the more you lick your lips, the more it'll hurt because licking your lips is almost the same thing as eating yourself. If you don't start to drink water soon, then your kidneys will have problems and your lips getting dry and cracked is one sign. If you don't drink water because you don't want to go to the bathroom, then you will just hurt your own body. Trust me, if this doesn't work, then send me an e-mail. I've experienced this problem before and it just kept on hurting until I drank more water and put lots of chapstick. Also, you should try to sleep earlier so it'll get better.It might be because you are getting dehydrated.
I put Vaseline on them before I go to bed.
wear cotton pants!
vasaline and try brushing, when you brush you teeth thats what i read somewhere but that might hurt if they are really dry.
drink more fluids and use lip balm made from 4 parts olive oil and 1 part bees wax. Melt them together and pour it into small containers. You can put essence in it if you want...spearmint etc. It is the nicest balm ever. Use it all of the time.
valesine?spelling sorry works for me
Get a soft toothbrush and each night rub away any dead skin, it's kinda like exfoliating, then put on loads of vaseline each before you got to bed, use a sensitive chapstick during the day. Keep this up and soon you'll only have to make do with the chapstick and use the toothbrush and vaseline every now and then.
i love soft lips it's like no other chap sticks try it, it might work, can't be any worst than other chap sticks

I would advice you to try some home based remedies for skin ,hair and weight problems, this link has some good information it sure did help me so here goes,
Put the cream that comes out frm milk
lipgloss or vaseline!
Use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, its quite expensive but lasts forever and you can use it on lips, under eyes, on hands.... use it every night before you go to sleep and as often as you need during the day. will burn for a while but it really helps
Kiss me every minute.

I have special lips being a Spiritual Medium %26amp; Healer so you will be natuarally soft Ha Ha

Vaseline at night, lip balm with SPF during the day.

+water, water, water. ;)
Try is usually in the chapstick section and comes in a little peach colored container. It isn't as stinging as some of the other brands and works well on chapped lips. It also has SPF in it so that your lips don't get burned in the sun. Also drink more water. Your lips might be dry and cracking because you are dehydrated.
get some nivea lip balm its brill i use it, it works wonders
Good old fashioned vaseline - works wonders, just a light smear. Cheap but does the job.
at the drugstore or walmart you can find this chapstick/lipgloss it really works! its called aquafina lip hydration and its in like a lipgloss type tube thing. and it works really well! It tastes really good too!

or get lip balm/ chapstick from Burts Bee's (it also works very well for chapped lips!)

if you dont want to go out and buy anything than just put some vaseline on your lips and they should be smooth in no time!
Use bodycream on your lips every night, and (in America they know this as ';manteca de cacao';, kind of lipgloss to keep them fresh and healthy. Don't use your tongue to keep it wet because they put them very dry... I use cream, so I recomend to you ^-^

Best whishes!!
First, put a little water on your lips for moisture. Then, get some sugar and rub it on your lips in all directions (this exfoliates them and gets that dried, dead skin off). Then rinse off the sugar with water. Finally use some medicated lip balm or chap stick (Carmex, Blistex, etc.) on your lips to help heal and protect the newly exfoliated skin. Also, try to use a lip balm or chap stick with SPF in it--the sun can cause your lips to dry and skin to crack.
first,take your toth brush and rub on lips,then put honey,on your lips,for smoothnes,then put a SMALL DAP ON ,petroleum jelly,make sure it is Small dap! then,wait for 5 mintues,or 3 ,then you put any lips gloss, ..............................if you are not happy with this,just use burt bee's,they are lipstck,with chap stick together,and it looks like color lip gloss,put still,lipstick,you can go to walgreens,or a drug store!

hope i helped alot!
every night after brushing teeth dry brush and brush lips helps if electric brush but no matter then just smear a good quality lip butter or vaseline sorta thing on them dont worry about going overboard tell me if it helps at all
Use Carmex lip balm. You can get it in most Boots and Superdug stores plus all the supermarkets. It comes in a little yellow pot and it is far better quality than Chapsticks.
vaseline or olive oil...really!
vaseline at night and try using it during the day as well
use some jelly called Vaseline
I'll keep 'em soft!

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