Sunday, December 13, 2009

What can i use to make my lips really soft?

I just got my first girlfriend in a long time and we kissed and i really want to make my lips really soft for her.Anyone know how?please tell me if u do.What can i use to make my lips really soft?
You can use body lotion and it works fine. And you can get it unscented.What can i use to make my lips really soft?
if they are chapped now, use vasalene to moisureize then and take away the dryness, then once they arent chapped use softlips chapstick, it works so good! plus it has sunscreen in it so if you live in a hot area then they wont get sunburnt!
get addicted to chapstick!

i am and my lips are soft ;D
Mix oil with salt then put it on your lips at night and rub it around. The salt with take all the dead skin off your lips! Then leave it on over night and they will be soft and kissable by morning!

ps: Make sure you rub the salt off in the morning! : )
Vaseline works wonders.
chapsitck or vasaline works.... yu could try a lip scrub! then chapstick or vasaline.... tht works

good luck!

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