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How do i make my lips really soft?

I want my lips to be really softHow do i make my lips really soft?
make sure you're drinking enough water. wash your lips with a rough washcloth or your toothbrush at night. pay attention to what you put on your lips. look at the ingredients in the balm/chapstick you use. do not use anything that makes your lips tingle. tingling means mild allergic reaction. it'll dry out your lips in the long run. certain oils don't really soak into your skin so just to give you an idea of what it's supposed to feel like, when you put something that moisturizes your lips on you should gradually have to use less and less over time. also after you eat you will notice you don't have to reapply. if it is something like vaseline or anything with petrolatum and lanolin/mineral oil, it will sit on top of your skin and once it is wiped off you will realize the skin hasn't actually been moisturized. it is still dry and you have to keep on reapplying. i go to whole foods for my chapsticks and i don't use lip gloss/lipstick too often. i use alaffia and my lips have gotten softer and softer to the point where i don't even need to exfoliate or use lip balm often anymore.How do i make my lips really soft?
Drink lots of water, moisturise your lips with any lipbalm, vaseline... etc. (whatever works for you). Also, when you have the time, brush your lips lightly with a soft toothbruth with gentle toothpaste. Exfoliating with sugar and water is very good too.
This may sound weird, but i saw it on a beauty show for what pros use. What you do is you use a tooth brush with cinnamon on it and brush your lips. keep it on or a minute, then rinse it off. then let natural ingredient chapstick be your friend
What you really want to do is to go to a pharmacist store and get Chap-Stick. And then, drink at least 2-3 cups of water. It keeps your body nourished and keeps your lips smooth and soft. Good Luck!!

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Go to http://www, and get their lip exfoliating treatment then their liptpoxyl treatment your lips will be forever soft,moist and sexy.
Burtsbee have all sorts of great stuff for lips and the skin. I swear by all the lip balms. Check them out. You can find them in just about any pharmacy or drug store these days.
buy a baby tooth brush and rub it over your lips once or twice a week

it'll exfoliate them and make them feel a lot softer

also always have a lip balm with you and if your lips ever feel dry apply loads
use SoftLips chapstick ;)

or Burt's Bees, or petroleum jelly

you can buy them at like target, walmart, etc.
Get a tooth brush and Exfoliate your lips ! Then try carmex or something along those lines to moisturize them daily :)
Vaseline or Chapstick. You can get it at any drug store.

Vaseline works really well.
soft lips ( chapstick) or vaseline.. : )
drink water and chapstick it like crazzzy.
Drink more water
chapstick, drink lots of water, vaseline works too.
keep them moisturized with chap stick and lip balm..
lip balm will do the trick.

use chapstick/ lip balm and drink lots of water
put some good lip balm on it evryday..

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