Friday, December 11, 2009

What To Use To Get Soft Lips?

I'm planning on kissing this guy I've been going with tomorrow. I have very chapped lips! Chap Stick alone doesn't really help. Any other ideas??? Cheap stuff! LOL Thanks! Be specific!What To Use To Get Soft Lips?
while youre brushing your teeth, brush your lips too. it brushes away the dead skin and youll be left with smooth lips :) you could also use vaseline. or burt bees... that works really well. or you could get lip exfoiliater... ive heard they work really well and they probably dont cost that much. im not sure though. but id suggest you just to the toothbrush thing, its easy and it works. hope i helped! =) %26lt;3What To Use To Get Soft Lips?
I agree with brushing your lips, that will help get all the dead skin off. Another trick I use is I rub sugar on my lips (on my whole face actually), and it makes my lips and skin feel so soft! Just wet your face, rub the sugar all over for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it off.

Vaseline is also great, I like to put it on before bed so my lips are soft in the morning, and then I also put a bit on over my lipstick.
Use Carmex.

I use it and it almost immediately makes my lips like silky smooth =]

But, some people don't like how it tastes/smells but it all depends on your personal preference.

It doesnt cost much, just a few bucks at the most.

But it lasts a while usually.

Good Luck ;]


soft lips... its a chapstick it smells good and makes your lips very soft. and 1 stick costs about 1 dollar and 50 cents but its worth it...

burts bees

bath and body wrks lip gloss in the moisturizing kind

can be found at drug stpres and bath and body works
take a toothbrush and brush your lips, then put chap stick on. it works ( trust me)
vaseline they have ones that come in a tube like lipgloss.

trust me it works. lol
vaseline ( =
umm vaseline lip therapy

or carmex
Burt's Bees is yuor best bet. They have the best lip balms.

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