Friday, December 11, 2009

How to make my lips soft?

my lips are always dry! How to make my lips soft?
Use Chapstick every once in a while. Don't use it all the time because you'll become dependent on it.

That's exactly what happened to me. So just use Chapstick sparingly. And drink plenty of fluids.How to make my lips soft?
Lip balm without any synthetic colours or perfumes/flavourings and either a lip scuff (lip balm with an exfoliator in) or brush your lips gently with a soft toothbrush like a baby toothbrush, then lip balm. I've had dry lips my whole life and that's what I do and they're fine. Try not to lick them or go out in cold/windy/really dry hot weather without anything on them. Don't buy cheap lipstick/gloss either because the chemicals in them are nasty and will make your (newly!) soft lips dry again. Zinc and castor oil (usually for babies' nappy rash) is good too but it is bright white so is maybe best for when you're off to bed!
First it depends how much money you want to spend. If you just want a quick remedy nothing beats caramex! Put it on at night before you go to sleep for silky lips in the morning! Or if you want more permanent results try a lip refiner then a lip mosturizer. The refiner has grit in it to gentle exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Then the mosturizer soothes your lips.
You can buy a lip scrub which removes all the dry skin on your lips but i find that just rubbing the bristles of your toothbrush over your lips and then applying lots of good lipbalm works just as well, try doing that twice a day.. hope that helped!
I constantly apply lip chap and then at night after I brush my teeth I rub together a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vaseline so it is like thicker than toothpaste.. Rub it on your lips and leave it on overnight..

I swear this works!
try some lip ointment. or at least chap stick. and to make them look soft, just put on some light pink lipstick or lip gloss. vaseline works too. don't lick your lips if you put that on though. it tastes just nasty!!! really, don't lick your lips at all.
Blistex! I use the Lip-Ointment and the Ultra Protection one
drink plenty of water! (also clears out pimples and makes hair healthier)
do you wear lots of lipstick

that will dry out your lips especially in the winter months

dontcare what brand ect.... it will dry them out

honey on your lips at night does wonders

if you can NOT lick it off
I suggest buying some high quality lipgloss. They usually go for $18+, my favorites are MAC and Bare Minerals.
always use vaseline on your lips

carry chapstick with you at all times
Get some cherry chapstick honey!

Or if your nice and cheap like me you would just use good old Vaseline!
wear carmax or vitacillina...and try not to lick your lips
carry around a little tube of chap stick/ lip gloss and when ever u feel dry apply 2 ur lips

i do that all the time!
soft lips lip balm!!!

olive oil.

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