Friday, December 4, 2009

Home remedies for soft smooth lips?

I've tried chapstick and vaseline and they don't work! Any home remedies for dryish lips? I want to make them really smooth again.Home remedies for soft smooth lips?
Mix about a teaspoon of sugar with a drop or two of its basically a little mushy but not much. Then simply dip your toothbrush in the mixture and basically, well, brush your lips.

Sugar is wonderful for lips.Home remedies for soft smooth lips?
You should try honey, just dab some of it on your lips and leave it overnight. When you wake up they'll be smooth and plump. You could even use it as a lip gloss if it doesn't bother you. Also drink lots of water and to exfoliate, after brushing your teeth very gently brush your lips it'll take away all of the dead skin.
Well of course, those just coat your lips.

What will help heal your chapped lips: Drink more water.

I started drinking more water and my lips pretty much went back to normal. You need to hydrate your lips internally as well as externally.

Then wear a nice lip BALM at night, be sure you also drink a good amount of water.
Ive heard of mixing brown sugar with a little water to thicken it and scrubbing your lips with it. Also when you do put on lip stick/balm or lipgloss make sure you condition them first. It helps the color stick and will prevent dry lips.

Good Luck!!
Best thing you can do is.... which i have tried and it works is: Rose water.

Apply rose water to your lips.
Constantly slicking on petroleum jelly on 'em, especially when you go to sleep, they're so full and plum when you wake up...:)
scrub some sugar and honey on your lips.
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