Friday, December 4, 2009

How can i get soft lips without buying somthing?

i want to have really soft lips when i kiss my bf...hey girls any advice (i dont wanna buy stuff im tired of thinking i've found thie right thing and i wind up having to buy somthing that dosent work) How can i get soft lips without buying somthing?
To make your lips soft and smooth, brush a toothbrush against them. This gets the dry skin and flakes off of your lips. Mix sugar and honey together, spread them on your lips, and leave on for about 15 minutes. Wash off, and you will have incredibly soft lips, and they'll taste amazing! :)How can i get soft lips without buying somthing?
I know you don't want to buy anything but I swear this works. Use vasaline. It's the main ingredient in a lot of lip balm. You probably have it in your house anyway. Just slather it on before you go to bed. In the morning you might have a layer of dead skin that'll peel off but under that it'll be totally smooth.

You can also try putting some olive oil on your lips.
chapstick works. they dont cost much so if it doesnt work it wont be that much of a loss.maybe yu can even get a free one at the nurse's office at school[if yu go to school) or doctor's office

i messed up my lips once using a terrible lipgloss. i applied chapstick just once and my lips got better. it wasnt even medicated! try it(:

Put a thin coat of vaseline on them before you go to sleep at night. In the morning you will have really soft lips.
a tip from Tyra - she uses a toothbrush to exfoliate her lips every night. She says it keeps them soft and plumps them up
try mixing sugar with water and dip your finger in and apply on lips
drink lots of water!

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