Friday, December 4, 2009

What can i use to make my lips really soft?

I have very full lips but i'm not a gloss type of girl. so what can i use at home to get my lips soft, without pounding on gloss?What can i use to make my lips really soft?
Call it crazy, but...

Body lotion!

Indeed, it works on my lips. And they're pretty full too. Any kind of body lotion will work, especially over night.

Just be sure not to swallow it. xDWhat can i use to make my lips really soft?
There's a brand of lip care called SoftLips, I haven't used it personally but I have friends who swear by it. From what I can tell it is like a chapstick with moisturisers in the formula.

Other than that, try putting vaseline on your lips at night and wipe it off when you wake up. Vaseline cures everything! (Also this is what my mother used to do).
chapstick works well but if you really want soft lips use sara happ exfoliating lip scrubb. It comes in really good flaors and you just rub it on and it takes off all the dead skin and then you can wipe it off. Also it lasts a really long time
You can use your wash cloth and rub your lips to get the dead skin off, or use your tooth brush when you finish brushing your teeth. That's what I do every day, and my lips are so soft.
If you have a eletric tooth brush then you can basicly brush your lips for 1 min every night before you go to bed, before you know it, your lips will be super soft!

A Manual Tooth Brush Works Too.

Hope I Helped
I use a lip gloss made by the American girl company, if comes out thick but you can always wipe some off! Hope I helped!
Mint Chapstick. It is the best. That is the only chapstick I use and have very soft lips!
the best product ever is all about lips by clinique
Monosodium glutamate
you can try carmex.
I use SoftLips when I go out, and Vaseline at home, even before going to bed at night. Those should work quite well :)
I'd use Chap Stick that always cures my chap lips.
I think chapstick is the best! I like it !!!

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