Friday, December 4, 2009

Anybody know how to get super-soft lips overnight?

I have recently healed them from being chapped, but i need them to be super-smooth. Any home remedies NOT involving honey? Thanks!!Anybody know how to get super-soft lips overnight?
Well.......I did this nd it worked!!!!!!!!!!

1. Exfoliate them. Clean off the dead layers on and around your lips with a scrub. You can make a natural one using a bit of olive oil and brown sugar. Just mix a teaspoon of each together and massage it lightly onto your lips. Then, wait five minutes and rinse off. Touch your lips afterwards and you'll notice that they will be super soft and supple.

2. Add gloss. Regular gloss or even a plumping gloss can create the illusion of larger lips. Why? The light reflects off of them causing your lips to appear larger and rounder. It'll work with or without lipstick.

3. Use liner. Lip liner can be used like a magic stick in the right hands. The user can enlarge or thin out their lips depending on their needs. To make your lips bigger, outline your lips outside of the natural line. To make your lips smaller, outline your lips inside the natural line. Afterwards, apply a similar lip color or gloss.

4. Select a complimentary color. The wrong lip color can make your lips look odd. So, the rule-of-thumb to follow is the dark to light technique. What's that? The darker your skin the darker your color. The lighter your skin the lighter the color. It'll give you the most complimentary and natural look.

5. Combine colors. Mixing up lighter and darker shades of lipstick to make them look fuller. How do you do it? Apply the darker shade first and then center it with the lighter one. It'll give the optical illusion of rounder, fuller lips.

6. Make your color last. Set your lipstick or lip gloss by setting it with powder. Just sprinkle some on a tissue and press your lips against it. This process will guarantee you hours of perfect lip color. Another option is to pay a little more for your lipstick or gloss by getting one that is designed to be long-lasting.

7. Whiten up your teeth. To make your lips 'pop', keep white teeth. You can do it cosmetically through a dentist or buy one of the many products on the drug store shelf. You can also buy 'teeth-whitening' gum. Either way, bringing your teeth one shade up can beautify them and add to their lusciousness.

Lots of hugs

LindaAnybody know how to get super-soft lips overnight?
i put vasoline on them every night before bed and i apply it all the time through the day. i have also tried blistex this is for chapped lips but its really really good use it even if u havnt got chapped me it works!

also exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush maybe a childs one it also works for me

hope i helped :)
Carmex before you go to sleep, and exfoliate with an old toothbrush when you wake up.
vaseline every night before going to bed and ur lips will be sooo smooth and kissable ;)

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