Friday, December 4, 2009

How to get super soft lips?

in 1 and a half days? i brush my lips with a toothbrush then vaseline. it always comes off so i put a lot on everytime i go to bed. i also put softlips chapstick on. I also use blistex complete misture lipbalm. spf15. i also started using sugar and water but no luck PLEASE HELP! and make sure it will last outside.I go outside and 2 minutes later my lips are horrible.How to get super soft lips?
You could try putting honey on your lips before you go to sleep. Its the only thing that worked for me, other products didnt do it. If you want to add a exfoliating factor you can add sugar to it.How to get super soft lips?
Do you drink something or lick your lips when you do put on lip balm and stuff? I think the moisture in the air may ruin your remedies, try petroleum jelly. Or burt's bees! Brush your lips with a soft toothbrush thats wet, then put on the petroleum jelly or burt's bees. if u do it @ night b 4 bed, make sure you sleep on your side and avoid drooling or rolling over!
if you have chapped lips,

like they are peeling and very sore try this tip:

dip your finger in water or with honey

then, roll your finger in sugar, (yes sugar)

and scrub the hell out of them!

then use blistex medicated. take it EVERYWHERE. always keep chapstick in your pocket.
PALMER'S cocoa butter lip swivel stick.

try it.

this is AMAZING with INCREDIBLE results!

i really hoped i helped you because i totally get what your feeling :)
cherry chapstick.


hahaha. uhmmm

lotion.. or no . hah. uhhmmm

get some lip moisturizer.

drink waterrr.
are u having dried lips? wont brushing your lips hurt? i think having super soft lips in one day is kinda hard. bring along your chapstick and use it the whole day.. drink plenty of water to hydrate...
Vaseline! apply at night and throughout the day as needed and it works wonders PLUS it's cheap!
Try keeping your lips shut during the day. Breathe through your nose so that your lips don't have a chance to dry out.
Burts Beeees
Try Aquaphor...if you want to go for a home remedy, try a small layer of peanut butter for about 30 min.

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