Friday, December 4, 2009

How can i keep my lips soft?

How can i keep my lips soft? I don't really want to use chapstick or anything that can damage my lips. I also want to keep my lips healthy looking.

Thanks :)How can i keep my lips soft?
Chapstick won't damage them...any of those lip balms do a good job of keeping your lips soft and healthy...How can i keep my lips soft?
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. The first place that dehydration shows is your eyes and lips getting dry. Heating in modern houses is very dehydrating. Think about how they make jerky. Remove all the moisture by blowing hot air on it. You can get a humidifier and put it in your bedroom in the winter. I use a steam one, the evaporative ones are useless. It's not necessary in the summer unless you live in the desert. Make sure to keep it clean and don't add anything to the water in the reservoir. I was using one a few years ago to help with a sinus infection and noticed my skin and lips looked a lot more supple.
Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips before bed. It'll be soft and supple the very next morning. It works on me!
USE A GLOSS but don't put too much on it cause if you do you will look like you just ate a bucket of church's chicken.
Burt's Bees has some great lip balm. I recommend the pomegranate lip balm

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