Friday, December 11, 2009

How can I have naturally soft and smooth lips???

This is what I do, and it works really well.

Get a really soft toothbrush, like one of the ones for little babies so they get used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. It doesn't need to be expensive, just as long as it's soft.

Also get some olive oil, or other oil would be okay too I guess, so long as it isn't poisonous. Olive oil's really good though, because it's moisturising - lips don't produce oil like the rest of our skin, which is why they get dry so easily.

Lastly, get some lanolin or Vaseline or a really good lip balm. NOT lip gloss! Not the scented glittery junk either. Something moisturising.

Put a whole heap of olive oil on your lips, like enough that they're on the verge of being drippy instead of shiny. Put a bit of olive oil on the toothbrush too, and brush your lips in small circles. Not too hard, and not for too long either, or instead of beautiful soft lips, you get sore, bleeding lips! Not pleasant. Just brush very gently until most of the loose skin is gone.

Now wipe off the olive oil with a damp tissue, and smother your lips in lip balm. Ta-da! Lovely, soft lips.

Don't do this too often though. Only when your lips are really dry or rough.How can I have naturally soft and smooth lips???
Bethanie's right, its cheap too.How can I have naturally soft and smooth lips???
I put vaseline on them every nite
The best way to achieve that naturally is too brush the dead skin off of the lips everytime you brush your teeth, keep moisturized with chap stick.
There are a number of options such as using olive oil, honey, exfoliating the lips, using a lip balm on a regular basis, and praticing some chapped lip prevention tips - avoid mouth breathing, biting the lips, licking the lips, avoiding contact with cold dry weather, avoiding certain foods, etc.
Hi! I put some almond oil on them at night when I go to sleep, it really works!
raspberry lipbalmmmmmm....yum
Mix just a bit of extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of brown sugar. Put some on your fingers, and rub it in slow circles on your lips. (Don't swallow... doesnt exactly taste very good! lol). The sugar exfoliates the flakes away, and is gentler than salt, so it wont burn, and the oil moisturizes the lips. Do this every night or every other night for a while, and put on lip balm after. Burts Bees works the best, and is almost all natural.
oh oh oh!!! seriously in the winter mine were so dry i thought i was gonna die, but i found this chapstick by aveeno, its awesome, totally made em nice and smooth again! it worked better than blistex. its the best thing ive ever used for my lips, u shud check it out,
It weird but if you want soft smooth lips you should gently use your tooth brush and lightying brush your lips every day and then you a moisture rich lip balm.

Like a Nivea brand

Hope that helpd
Putting vaseline on your lips is the best way to go, it works amazingly well, just lather some on your lips before you go to bed and they'll be gorgeous in the morning!

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