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How do I make my lips soft???

I have cracked lips that bleed all the time...I wanted to no if there is anything i can do to make my lips soft and uncracked?How do I make my lips soft???
-do not pick at them of course

-do not lick them or wet with water, the evaporation of the water and spit causes the cracking

-do not use all these crazy nice smelling pretty colored glossy things on your lips, they're full of such bad chemicals

-go to a health food store and get nice chapstick with natural beeswax and planty oils - look at the ingredients and if it's a long list with big scary chemicaly words, find anotherHow do I make my lips soft???
glad to be of help :)

i also forgot to say that dry skin (and lip) problems often mean you are dehydrated, so be sure to drink lots of water and consider taking flax oil and/or vitamin E

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licking them often
This may sound too simple but VASELINE does miracles.

Stop using lip products for 2 or 3 days. Just apply VASELINE when ever you can't feel the VASELINE on your lips anymore. It will work.

After they are all better wear whatever you like on your lips but use VASELINE when your at home or at night.

Good luck!!!
i'm taking Roaccutane and i have the same problem. I apply Vaseline every night before i go to bed. It really is good

try it
I use Burt's Bees Chapstick, find it at your local drug store- also protect your lips from the elements- use SPF chapstick when you are in the sun, if you're in cold weather, cover your mouth with a scarf. Try not to lick your lips, and keep unnecessary moisture away from your lips. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids though, but stay away from diuretics, like soda and coffees. One reason your lips make crack is because you're dehydrated. Keep moisturizing your lips, and use chapstick or a medicated lip treatment.

If you continue to have problems, you might need to see a dermatologist.

After your lips have healed, you'll probably have some dead skin left on them, I recommend getting a soft toothbrush ( Like a baby one) and gently scrub your lips daily. It's like exfoliating. But, don't scrub too hard, you'll probably crack your lips again...The toothbrush is how I exfoliate my lips, but I've never had much problems with cracked lips, so I hope it helps!
vaseline intensive care lip therapy
Lip Balm
Buy moisturizing chap stick, and get a clear lip gloss
Well one is not to like your lips. Exfoliate your lips that way you can get the dead skin off of your lips, you can use any body scrub just but a little on your lips if you don't have body scrub use a little sugar and a lil bit of Vasaline, rub it on your lips and wipe it off with a wet cloth. Then you should apply a lip balm not gloss. I like chap stick i find that if you nourish your lips then add vanity. so balm then lip gloss or stick
put on some chap stick and let me have a whack at it
You can use sugar as an exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells. Drink plenty of water. Use a lip balm with Vitamin E or shea butter in it. Make sure it has a 15 spf too.
get some carmex and apply it everyday.. it might hurt a little but, trust me it helps!!!!!!! I hope this helps you. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
chapstick. i like burts bee's.
I saw this on the Tyra Banks show. Put Vaseline on your lips and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Wet an old toothbrush in water and brush your lips to exfoliate off the dead skin. Hope this helps!
get chapstick or burts bees but DONT lick your lips it just gets worse
carmex and drink a lot of water. after that's healed, use chapstick daily.
how about trying chap stick.
you should where lip balm.It helps alot!Try putting it on when your lips get dry.
carmex, homemade sugar scrubs, or the following lip exfoliators...
I agree with those who said to use olive oil. Another oil that is very good for softening the skin is castor oil. The cold pressed kind is best.

What is causing your lips to dry out and bleed? If you are dehydrated, what is the cause? Are you having an allergic reaction to something you are putting on your lips?
chapstick and burts bees chapsitck.......oh and vaseline...
Drink water!! u know when doctors tell you to drink your 6-8 glasses a day? well the body is mostly water so having your skin dry would make your lips dry... also you can use some chap stick. if this doesn't work ill recommend you do go see a dermatologist or something. Good luck ^_^
If I could work at Burt's Bees I would. They have great products. Their lip products are great as well. If you can, try and get a lip product that has some type of peppermint in it. Good luck!
i'm just wondering if you know why your lips are so chapped.

for whatever reason your lips are chapped and bloody, i'd suggest';

* taking some kind of oil and adding it to a bowl of hot water and letting your lips rest on the top of the bowl as much as possible(where the oil is)do this for around 15 or 20 minutes and afterwards gently wipe off any dead skin which became easy to remove -- DO NOT RIP SKIN THAT IS NOT READY TO COME OFF OFF OR...if it is difficult to remove the skin, leave it.

*also try drinking more liquids and eating more fish

*next buy chap stick for both indoors and outdoors=

-the outdoors chap stick should have spf in it

-indoors should be moisturizing

also, try drinking a glass of water before you go to bed and cut down on the soda(if you drink soda)

before you leave the house, at least take a sip of water or 100% juice

try not to bite at your lips or lick them. if your lips feel uncomfortable, get in the habit of putting chapstick on.

good luck and take lots of care!!!

i hope this helps and that your lips get better!!!

good luck again!!!

Okay, after you brush your teeth run your toothbrush under warm water and gently rub it against your lips. This works as a sort of exfoliating process and removes dry skin. Don't do it too often or too hard because your lips will get all sensitive!

Then apply a nice lip moisturizer. I like burts bees! It's great. Apply it frequently.

....and thats all I got. Hope I helped.
Apply a natural moisturizer like shea butter, jojoba oil
fill a shot glass with olive oil ... dip your finger in and rub some on your lips ... drink the rest ... also be sure to drink

pleanty of water everyday ... for extra chapped lips rub the fleshy side of a tomato on your lips and then eat the rest ... it may sting a bit but the vit. C in the tomato will speed the healing.
vaseline its gross to use so you have to put like lipgloss over it and forget whats in it but it will heal your lips after 2 days hope this helps
It sounds weird but use your tooth brush to brush your lips; it exfoliates the skin and gets rid of all the dead skin cells. If your lips crack and bleed a lot I would recommend running the brush under hot water to make it as soft as possible and lightly brushing your lips. Put some Vaseline on before bed to help really put some moisture back into your lips and then during the day use any type of Chap Stick or a lip balm. Hope this was helpful and good luck.
I like to make a homemade natural type of lip scrub that will help take off the dead parts and then make them soft... take a lil olive oil and put in a lil sugar to make a scrub. Do this daily. Then throughout the day put on olive oil whenever you think about it, that will make your lips pretty without all the chemicals.
get lipstick and DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS

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