Sunday, December 13, 2009

How do i get super soft lips?

and fast! they have been really cracked and chapped lately...and chapstick alone dosent seen to help...鈾?br>

thnxHow do i get super soft lips?
So my favorites (and I'm addicted to lip stuff) are:

For extremely chapped lips: the best is blistex lip med-ex, it's in a blue tub and like a $1 at walmart

For regular moisture through out the day

I like Burt's bees, but sometimes the mint flavor makes me nauseous so i like changing flavors

Also if your lips are cracked you can used a lip exfoliator...

the one at bath and body is great, along with all there lip glosses, but they're kinda over priced soo..some at home exfoliators you can do, is massage your lip with your toothbrush when it's wet . Or you take sugar (not confectioners) and honey mix it together and then massage it on your lips, then rinse it off..

Hope this helped :)How do i get super soft lips?
Vaseline is not true!!! In fact its one of the very worst products for you or your skin - google petroleum -

it hardens your skin contrary to what people think - = no good.

The best way to get soft lips is to use pure vitamin e (cut the pill open and apply)

drink a lot of water

and use a pure product like berts bee - lip balms.
I use the regular chapstick all the time and my lips are always soft..Always apply a good amount before you go to bed at night and then throughout the day, and eventually your lips will become very soft !

Hope I helped :)
Make sure you're drinking enough water. Exfoliate your lips (if it doesn't hurt, try to rub off that dead skin, like after you brush your teeth.. sounds gross but it works)... use Vaseline, it is the best lip stuff.
Well, since your lips are cracked, you should start off by using Carmex. It's sold at Wal-Mart. Put it on everytime you feel you need it, and before going to sleep. After the crackedness and chappedness goes away, use Lip Vitamins, which is also sold at Wal-Mart. Good Luck Honey-Bun!!!

petroleum jelly

not kidding

its true

berts beewax!
vaselin works good but it goes fast so cocco butter might work !!!
lightly coat them with vaseline. At night, coat them good and they get real soft overnight because you are not eating or drinking and removing the vaseline.
Run your toothbrush through warm water and then gently rub your lips with it. That will get rid of any dead skin that is on your lips. Then the best way to get your lips moist and soft is to rub vaseline on your lips. It's the best thing. You will begin to notice the difference immediately. Good luck.
I use either Carmex or Blistex Complete Moisture Chapstick, it comes in a blue tube.
eat spicy!
Aveno Daily Moisturizing lotion + Carmex = the softest lips known to man, try it 8)
i use this stuff from mary kay and it totally works in like seconds.

you put this scrub stuff on your lips in a circular motion for like 3 seconds and then you rinse that off and you are good to go. and it comes with a clear lip balm to put on after if you like....your lips will be soft and so smooth.

i hope that helps some.

good luck. =]
buy a soft toothbrush. It's very technical.

You can use baby oil or even olive oil as your sloughing agent.

swipe the oil or buffing beads on your lips and swirl around with the toothbrush. This process should last no longer than 2 minutes. Otherwise, your impossibly soft lips will become impossibly bloody and raw. Not cute. Follow with the provided balm, or one of your favorites.

Drink plenty of water to moisturize your lips from the inside.

Cracked lips could be a sign that your diet is low in B vitamins.

Keep lips well lubricated at all times and this means at bedtime as well.


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