Friday, December 4, 2009

How do i make my lips super soft overnight?

i want really smooth, soft lips, is there any way i can make them like that overnight? or is there some kind of cream or something?How do i make my lips super soft overnight?
Nothing works overnight. You can apply lip balms, chap sticks, or Vaseline onto your lips for about a week. Re-apply your product of choice when it's worn off. This should keep them moisturized and eventually, your lips should become soft and smooth. How do i make my lips super soft overnight?
This is what I do: I coat a thick, even, layer of Vaseline on my lips, and at night, I avoid talking or licking my lips (this can cause lips to be drier). Once you wake up, your lips will be noticeably softer and this every night, and you will have sexy, soft lips. Make sure you apply chapstick or lipgloss daily during the day, and drink plenty of water, and avoid eating ';dry'; foods like chocolate, chips, fries, etc.
I have something that works super good. It is Lip Vitamins. There is an exfoliator to use before bed. Then you use the ';overnight rejuvenating lip serum.'; Your lips will be sooooo soft. And when you wake up you put on the lip balm. It is sure to work. It makes mine Too soft!
There are lots of ways.

I use vaseline and a tooth brush and scrub softly for a few minutes.…

I'm not a bot. I write on eHow. That's the whole detailed way.
You can try a lip exfoliator:

or a homemade olive oil/sugar scrub...for free:…
vitamin-E lip balm, you can get it at walmart, it is kindof by like the vitamins, well atleast at my walmart.
Use vaseline :)

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