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What can i use to make my dry, flaky, chapped lips soft?

Ive read that using a toothbrush or washcloth does the trick. Do these two items have to be wet to scrub off the dead skin?What can i use to make my dry, flaky, chapped lips soft?
Yes, use a soft (wet) toothbrush or a soft (wet) wash cloth and rub your lips then apply vasaline, shea butter or cocoa butter, or some other natural oil to them

The brush and the cloth will aggrivate your lips also and make them a little plumper

I find that when i use a lip product -- chap stick, lip gloss, lip stick -- my lip become 'adicted' to those products


my lips can't live without them. They feel more dry if i'm not constantly applying it.What can i use to make my dry, flaky, chapped lips soft?
Use patroleum jelly. and when it's all absorbed use Lip Smackers.

They smell good, taste good, and are so fun, so you just keep applying layer after layer.

They're not too sticky or glossy. They're untinted, they have a million different flavours, change flavours with your mood.

They're not even lip gloss, it's ChapStick, just more flavours.'s like a chapstick or lip ointment, it works wonders!!!


Mary Kay has a lip mask/exfoliator %26amp; lip balm that makes your lips oh so kissably soft.
first off all increase ur liquids in take and eat lots of fruits and clear off your bowel regularly .... donot take colas and try juices and butter milk ..... use good quality butter or ghee to apply on lips.. do this for a week.........this treatment should clear off ur problem if not consult a doctor
Vaseline! I keep forgetting to use a washcloth or toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. I use Vaseline on my lips religiously, or in the winter I use Vitamine E oil (it's kind of expensive, it's pure vitamine E, and it's really good for cuts, acne scars and lips!..The bottle says it's good for wrinkles and stretch marks too!) can just check out a pharmacy and ask.

If you cannot find the gel you can buy some of the Vit. E tablets and break them open and use the oil inside.
First what i would do is exfoliate. The cheapest and easiest way i have found was to use an old toothbrush or something (it can be like super cheap!) and use that and vaseline and ';brush'; your lips! if you are going to buy a special toothbrush for it i would buy a soft one b/c it does the trick without sanding your lips off! it gets all the extra and dry skin off your lips before moisturizing. Then i would use vaseline or chapstick (don't be skimpy!!!) at night (i use vaseline at night). I use chapstick (brand) during the day b/c it is more convienant. Vaseline at night b/c it stays there better and doesn't dry off so quickly so you don't have to reapply it! It should do wonders for your lips! lol

hope this helps!
Make sure you always have lip gloss of chapstick on and the cloth has to be damp
you should probably use chapstick....i mean the real one...chapstick also makes medicated chapstick...that might work better for you.
rub vasaline on them and let it soak in for about 2-3 minutes and then rub the vasaline off with a toothbrush and hot water.

it works good and they are then silky soft

use a moisturising chapstick from now on
A toothnbrush does work then put vaseline them or a chap stick that you can get at Walmart or anywhere for 99 cents or a bit more.
No as long as you are very gentle and toothbrush bristle aren't too hard but it may be easier if wet and lips are moistened with lip balm, cream etc. Though don't do this everyday

After you are done leave alone for a short while then apply some easily applied lip balm. Don't lick lips no matter how tempting. Make sure you are hydrated, have good oils in your diet, if you have breathing problems or getting a cold address that so you are not breathing through your mouth much. Of course like most ppl say use some good lip balm or conditioner daily/nightly.

Of course other answers to come will be better.
Drinking water is HUGE when it comes to moisturizing lips. For the most part, if your lips are chapped, then that means you're dehydrated and should be drinking more water.

Using a wet washcloth can help exfoliate the skin on your lips and take off the dead skin. You can also use a chapstick or, my personal favorite, Carmex. Also, DON'T lick your lips, your saliva will just chap them more.
Just remeber to put on chapstick every night befor you go to bed. Also put some vasaline on it when it gets super bad.

works every time, just pile it on and you'll see the result in 2 wks, maybe less
I use a wet toothbrush on my lips when they get that way. Shake off any excess water and use the toothbrush in a circular motion for about 45 seconds and pat your lips dry with a hand towel. That should do the trick, then I would put on some Vaseline or chap stick.

Hope this helps. It does for me.
You put Vaseline on yur lips and brush your lips with a soft toothbrush and then use Blistex moisture balm.I get very dry-being Irish and it works. good luck%26gt;
No! Put vaseline on your lips before bed. Keep a lip moisturizer like ';Burt's Bees'; to reapply throughout the day. Make SURE you are drinking enough water. I know when I didn't my lips would so easily get chapped and flaky. I watch for that in my daughter, because it is hard to get her to drink water. More than likely, dehydration is your problem. If you scrub that skin off, instead of letting it fall off or heal, you will tear the thin delicate skin of your lips and cause them to bleed.
Vaseline at night. It's cheap. Lipstick in the day time.
Use a bit of sugar mixed w/ honey. Rub gently! Rinse your lips well.
Yes. get the cloth wet in warm water and gently wipe your lips then use chapstick as often as you need it. OK HON?

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