Friday, December 4, 2009

How can i achieve light, soft lips?

My lips are currently darkened and a little dry from the sun... i really want my lips to be the pinkish, fresh lips i once had. :)How can i achieve light, soft lips?
I don;t know how u can get your lips light. I do know how u can get them soft, use 100%virgin oilve oil, that does work. Use it at least three times a day and b 4 u go 2 sleep each night.Just rub some on like lip gloss.How can i achieve light, soft lips?
try usin cocoa butter
Put some vaseline allllll over your lips and get an old toothbrush or washcloth and scrub them to exfoliate. This will get all of the dead skin cells off to make them super soft. After that, use a good lip balm or chapstick like Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm to keep them smooth and kissable (=
kissing....that always helps...slow kissing....

you busy...haha....

best answer???

or use just a dab of vaseline twice a day.....morning and night
The way I keep my lips soft is by using a toothbrish lightly over them about once a week (this takes off all the dead skin). Also everynight before I go to bed,I put a genorous amount of vaseline on them. During the day I put on a lip mosturiser like chapstick or something similar before I put on gloss or color. Hope this helps!
use lip moisturizer insted of lip gloss for a few days!!
Take some Vaseline and put it on your lips..wait a few minutes..then take a toothbrush and rub your lips..this will take the dead skin off and exfoliate the skin on your lips and will also make them pink. Try doing that for twice a week if not at least once! Good luck!

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