Friday, December 4, 2009

Soft lips?

anyone have any good remedies for soft lipsSoft lips?
Petroleum Jelly or Honey...They are cheap and you'll have soft lips.Soft lips?
sugar lips
One thing that's really good (kinda price-y, but good) is the Mary Kay Satin lip kit. There's an exfoliating mask and a really good lip balm that makes your lips feel really soft.

You can also rub sugar over your lips to exfoliate and then put vasoline or any other moisturizing lip balm on your lips.
1. Get a toothbrush and rub it gently over your lips.

2. Use a lip blam specially made for soft lips. (go to target for a good one called 'soft lips lip balm')

3. Use a lip moistursing lipgloss.

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