Friday, December 4, 2009

How can I get really soft lips fast?

I use chapstick and it doesnt work!and i use carmex!How can I get really soft lips fast?
there is this vaseline called burts bees you can get it at walgreensHow can I get really soft lips fast?
take some of your carmex or even better vasaline take a toothbrush and dab a bit of the carmex or vasaline on the toothbrush and exfoliate your lips but dont brush too hard do it softly
try burts bees chap stick
use a little bit of virgin olive oil, just a small dab you probably have some in your kitchen it gives your lips a soft natural look
first thing is to use a dry tooth brush and gently brush over your lips, this boosts circulation and removed dead skin cells so your lips are soft and red a natural thing to do if you dont want any gloss or lippie on.. if you want to take it a next step after that put some lip balm on with vitamins e or aloe this will boost plumpness and keep your lips hydrated and soft..
apply vaseline on your lips as often as you can...don't forget to do it again be4 going to bed...this sounds chessy but it saves you an extra buck.
get a damp tooth brush and scrub your lips this removes the dead skin and it makes them all nice and red. Then wet the lips and go get a little bit of sugar and put it on your lips. This works ans an exfoliate. Then lick it off and put chapstick on. They will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
vaseline! all the timeeee
try burts bees chapstick, its all natural

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