Friday, December 4, 2009

How can I get really soft lips in one night?

any ideas?How can I get really soft lips in one night?
get a dry,clean toothbroush %26amp; *gently* scrub little circles to get extra dead skin off. use a lip balm that isn't petroleum based if you can help it; it's too heavy/greasy so it doesn't like to soak in on delicate skin well(e.g. lips,under your eyes,on your face). any water-based lotion you put on your face ought to be good enough to start,%26amp; anything that has a little lanolin(wool's natural softener) will do WONDERS.How can I get really soft lips in one night?
The toothbrush trick works. I use either carmex or regular plain chap stick. Just load it on and rub it in.
Blistex Silk and Shine chapstick

it smells good too!
Try using cocoa butter chapstick, that should work...
burts bees- bees wax lip balm

or sometimes I use olive oil

just a dab.
This lady at the beauty store told me to put vaseline on my lips overnight to get rid of chapped lips and It worked well...
If you are with someone who loves you and really wants to kiss you, even if your lips are made of sandpaper or steel, he will still love to do it. Don't worry about it.
Umm make sure to drink lots of water to keep your lips moist...also try some type of chapstick or lip balm..that should keep your lips from drying out and chapping.

Good luck!
Mary-Kay sells a product called Satin Lips it works really well. try that
if you have chapped lips, this is going to dound gross, but to get rid f dead skin, put on chapstick and coat sugar ontop. leave overnight.
get alot of gewy chap stick and then smother ur face in it and then go to sleep and then it should be better
over apply BLISTEX and I swear your lips feel very mooth and soft in the morning

BLISTEX rules over chapstick.. chapstick has a very bad quality
use chap stick and kiss me muwaaa xoxoxoxo

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