Friday, December 4, 2009

How can I keep my lips soft and moisturized?

I've been you chap stick for a while when i go outside in the cold and my lips turn dry really quickly how can i keep my lips soft %26amp; moisturized throughout the day with chap stick or lip gloss?How can I keep my lips soft and moisturized?
I usually use something like Vaseline or Lip balm and that cures it. Or sometimes when ur lips are dry, they're just trying to tell you they are dehydrated. So drink lots of water, keep chap stick with you whever you go, and make sure you don't constantly lick your lips.How can I keep my lips soft and moisturized?
hi a have the same problem and ive used so many different kinds of chapsticks and the only that i considered good and helpful is Vaseline lip therapy it's cheap and u could buy it from any drugstore
vinegar to the lips, then chap stick, i heard it may work, or it jsut depends on how you do it through a process, no clue.
Put it on at the beginning of the day before you leave the house and after you eat. During the night, try using vaseline. Good chapstick brands are:



Burtz Bees
softlips is the best.

i like honeydew, vanilla, cherry, strawberry, sugar cookie, and well like all of them ha.

but it works really well
use nivea cream :)

apply it every night and morning

answer mine?鈥?/a>
Rosebud Salve, period.

It's the besttttt.
Use Vasseline or whatever that is called it works good.
i think blistex medicated berry is amazingg.

Chapstick em' every night before you go to bed. It works.
try Carmex it really works
go to a chemist and get ';softlips'; its really good and passionfruit is the best
carmex is the BEST

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