Friday, December 4, 2009

How can I get my lips soft?

Well my lips aren't all chapped and stuff; but they aren't exactly soft. I want my lips to be lucious and smooth! Are there any remedies to accomplish that? Please dont say chapstick because I do use it -- it just keeps them from becoming chapped. Thanks in advance!!How can I get my lips soft?
Mix a couple drops of olive oil in with a small amount of brown sugar and rub it all over your lips for like 10 seconds then rinse off. The sugar acts as an exfoliant and the olive oil makes them REALLY soft.

After apply a thin layer of vaseline. THIS REALLY WORKS. I do it every second day=)%26lt;3How can I get my lips soft?
There's this stuff i have, called Blistex Deep Renewal, and its a little like chapstick (in the way u can use it for chapped lips) but it makes ur lips really soft and moisturizes them. It works for me, I hope it does for u!! You can get it at Walgreens or CVS i think.

Hope i helped! :D
use lipstick and lip gloss or keep drinking water it helps or out a slice of apple on top of your lip its something old they did bakc in the day i know it sounds stupid but i tried it and it works!!
Rub a (dry) toothbrush over them lightly. Or if you have money to blow, you can exfoliate your lips with Benefit Cosmetics Lipscription; includes buffing beads and a lip balm.
if you use a dry wash cloth or your tooth brush you can buff your lips and they will be soft and smooth
Drink some olive oil and spread it over your lips as you drink it.
Blistex is pretty amazing. :)
Water and Lip stick

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