Friday, December 4, 2009

How to get keep soft lips?

I've tried alot of things to keep them moist.

I mostly use Blistex Deep Renewal for my lips but i don't if its the cold weather that makes them dry?

Any tips to keep my lips kissable?

P.S(Im Doing This Mostly For My Girlfriend) =)How to get keep soft lips?
First thing's first. DRINK MORE WATER!

Water will hydrate your lips and when your lips are dry, that usually means that you are dehydrated.

If you want chap stick that's amazing, try SoftLips chap stick! There are terrific flavors but your girlfriend might think they're a bit girly? [But I know that I LOVE the taste of it thoughhh]

Thirdly, stay away from deep fried foods like chips, fries, and so on. Those take away the water in your body and make your lips very gross!

Good luck (:How to get keep soft lips?
hehe at home,rub olive oil on them.

dont likc your lips! it chaps em up.

and then after they get really good,buy either Soft Lips or those really girly Lip Smacker things by Bonne Bell.

haha they work rly good.

Chapstick! Chapstick has all the essentials for soft lips. You can use it all the time and it won't ever feel or look overdone.
its the cold weather.. very sweet of you to do that for you gf.. also try Olive Oil wen your home and not doing anything.
Just use some lip sole. I am sure they should help!! But, not vaseline - its horrible, and sticky!! Not good for kissing!
Carmex but dont kiss with it!

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