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How can I make my lips soft and smooth?

I have pretty full lips but they are often very cracked and dry, even if I constantly put on chapstick. Any advice or recommendations?How can I make my lips soft and smooth?
apply lots of lip balm and rub in some sugar yes sugar,rub it on ur lips then use a warm cloth or soft toothbrush to massage lips.take of sugar and lipbalm.and wipe with a soft cloth.then apply a layer of vaseline or lip balm.mwah soft lipsHow can I make my lips soft and smooth?
* First don't lick your lips a lot cause this makes them dryer

* Drink a lot of water

* You can brush or rub your lips with dry toothbrush...i tried this and it's very useful
drink more water. you're dehydrated.
vaseline is better than chapstick, and try not to lick your lips a lot, it only makes them worse
Lip Balm is very healthy for your lips. Not chapstick, Balm.

You may want to look into buying a product from Burt's Beeswax. They're pretty good but also a little expensive. I'll place their website below, but normally you can find them in the beauty section of certain supermarkets or in the natural foods/items section.

Vaseline works as well but you may not like the taste of it or the greasiness of it. If you use it a night, be careful of using excess so that it won't go on to your pillow cases/sheets. Vitamin A%26amp;D ointment could work as well, but it's the same deal as Vaseline.

You could also look into buying a lip exfoliator such as Philosophy's Kiss Me exfoliating scrub. I use that and although it's $15.00 on Philosophy's website and probably more expensive at stores like Sephora, QVC (yes I know, TV Shopping, but damn great customer service and mostly cheap prices) sometimes has a double feature where they will sell the exfoliating scrub with a lip balm that I also use as well. It's cheaper this way and I think the 2 products come to about $20.00 and if used properly will last you a while. The scrub is easy, you put it on like regular lipstick, purse your lips together, and then rub off with a tissue, making sure you get off all of the gritty pieces. After that, apply a lip balm and then go about your day or go to bed. I normally do this at night, then it has more time to soak in.

Good Luck and I hope you find something that works for you!
lick them alot. very slow
I have had relief from cracked lips with Blistex. It smooths lips nicely.

To use it with lipstick:

Allow the Blistex to sit on the lips for about 2 minutes. Then, wipe off excess. Apply lipstick. Lips look truly smooth, shiney and enticing.

take a toothbrush. wet it and gently brush your lips. after that apply vaseline before you go to bed. remember to drink a lot of water. then prepare for much loved kissable lips.
vaseline- works lyk magic n its cheap- u can also use it for other things too... eg. dry skin, removin mascara etc. xxx
apply lip balm
lip balms with menthol are really good

and don't lick your lips cuz it'll just make them dry
go to your pharmacist and buy a lip balm with aloe. keep it in your bag and apply it all the time on your lips. before you sleep apply 3 layers and leave it like that until the morning.

avoid for a few days putting lipstick or lipgloss on. drink a lot of water and avoid salty food.

good luck
Use sugar and vaseline and rub on lips and wash off. Its always good to put some lip blam, vaseline on before bed. Your lips will be soft in the morning when you wake up.
vasiline helps alot

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