Friday, December 4, 2009

What is the best way to get soft lips?

My lips seem to get chapped really easily.

I try different lip glosses, but they're usually kinda cheap.

Do I need to purchase the more expsensive glosses, or is there some little remedy i can use?What is the best way to get soft lips?
before i go to bed i brush my lips with a dry toothbrush then put on vaseline and in the morning they are really softWhat is the best way to get soft lips?
Glosses don't make them soft. Try looking at e.l.f cosmetics. I'll give you the website. All their stuff is only 1.00 I spent 53 dollars there today haha Its not cheapo crap either. They have tonz of lip stuff. Conditioning blam and all that. Here:
make a mixture of 1 half olive oil and one half brown sugar. the olive oil moisturizes and the brown sugar will exfoliate. it sure works well for me, and plus, it tastes good!
Blistex or any other lip balm, lip glosses are for looks only they will dry your lip out more (answered by my girlfriend)
chapstick, i use tangerine flavored from whole foods, and diff stuff from Bath and Body works, but anyhting will work
take a damp facecloth on your finger and rub it on your lips to remove dead skin, then apply vaseline each night. during the day, use chapstick in any flavour (mint is good).
Keeping them moist regularly with a lip balm, really is the best way.
Find someone who sells Mary Kay products. They carry a great lip treatment.
Mary Kay lip mask. It works wonders! Trust me!

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